projecten en voorbeelden ACT-projecten

Suitable projects and examples

During the Academic Consultancy Training course multidisciplinary teams of students work 8 weeks on design-orientated, interdisciplinary assignments.

Possibilities for assignments include: market explorations, technical solutions for practical problems, planning advice or a scientific analysis to support certain viewpoints. Students complete assignments by means of a literature study, interviews with experts, focus group discussions and surveys.

Criteria projects

Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • The project tackles a current question or problem.
  • The project can be carried out within the scheduled time (eight weeks).
  • The project has not been completed earlier within your organization.
  • The project focuses on problem solving skills (the search for practical solutions based on scientific knowledge) and should therefore not be limited to descriptive or inventory research.
  • The project requires knowledge from various academic disciplines, for example a combination of Nutrition and Health with Communication Sciences, or Rural Sociology and Economics with Plant Sciences. If the project can be carried out by students from one discipline or by one student, it is unsuitable for ACT. Therefore it can better be offered as an assignment for another type of education (for example, a different course or as an internship).

Examples of design-oriented projects are:

- The development (in writing) of a cultivation or storage system that meets predefined criteria,
- The design of a protocol to obtain maximum public involvement in regional planning procedures,
- The evaluation and improvement of a feeder system in intensive pig farming,
- The development of exotic mushrooms as healthy food for the future.

Examples of projects

Development company ‘Oost Nederland NV’

Project: Investigating the possibilities to make the Hungarian pepper sector more competitive by introducing more variants and setting up a marketing campaign for Western Europe.

Time investment commissioner: 5 days.

Project costs: about 700 euro.

Commissioner's feedback: ‘It is an excellent form of education’. ‘For a company, it is an interesting concept for orientating and exploratory studies’. ‘It’s delightful to work with motivated people’.

Meta Communications

Project: Environmental Water Flows and Societies Fresh Water Needs. A training module was designed, based on a literature study. The module is used to raise awareness among policymakers and planners of the importance of natural water flows.

Time investment commissioner: 5 days

Project costs: around 150 euros for printing and travelling costs.

Commissioner's feedback: ‘The students have worked well and independently. They have delivered very practical material (a training package), which we can continue to work with’

Does your project not fit the requirements of ACT?

Do you have doubts whether your assignment fits the criteria for an ACT course? Then you can contact the Education Project Services via the contact form. With each other we will discuss the possibilities for students to work on your project.