Become a tutor

Do you like working with (fellow) students, are you interested in supporting them in their personal development and facilitating their learning process in skills education? At ELS we are always looking for enthusiastic students who would like to assist during one or more of our Presentation Skills courses, which are taught throughout the academic year (every period).

Your role as a tutor

Presentation skills are taught in many different Bachelor/Master programmes at WUR. In 3 sessions, we teach students how to become an effective presenter. To develop their presenting skills, students deliver short presentations in small groups of 8 students. Tutoring within Presentation skills includes facilitating sessions in which students practice with giving presentations and grading the presentations and students’ reflection reports afterwards. We ask you to attend the plenary part of the session (facilitated by a trainer) and facilitate the last part (1,5h) independently.

In short, your role as tutor is to:

Being prepared for tutoring

We will prepare you for tutoring before the first session starts, so that you are familiar with all the ins and outs of tutoring. We do so in different ways:

The instruction meetings are mandatory if its your first time tutoring in our courses.

Time investment

Beforehand, we ask you to prepare yourself for tutoring by watching knowledge clips and attending the instruction meeting1 (a 3 to 4 hours). A course is generally 3 sessions – mornings or afternoons. We ask you to be present during all 3 sessions. Afterwards, you will attend an instruction meeting about how to grade reports (one hour) and you will grade the presentations and reflection papers (0,5 hours per presentation/paper).

1 In case you have attented the instruction meeting in period 4 (2020-2021) or later, you do not need to attend the instruction meeting again when you are tutoring next time (you are then an experienced tutor).


Next to the fact that tutoring at ELS is all about supporting your own development, you will be fiancially compensated. It is also possible to receive credits instead of a financial compensation.

Financial compensation2
If it is your first time tutoring one of our courses, you will be compensated € 137,50 for one group. For this, your presence at the instruction meeting about tutoring, all tutoring sessions and the instruction meeting about how to grade reports is required. In case you have tutored groups before, meaning you have followed our instruction session about tutoring before, you will be compensated € 112,50 for one group. For this, your presence at all tutoring sessions and the instruction meeting about how to grade reports is required. If you tutor additional groups in the same period, you will be compensated € 100,00 per extra group.

One group PS (first time tutoring) € 137,50
One group PS (experienced tutor) € 112,50
One group TAPS € 112,50
+ Second group € 100,00
+ Third group € 100,00
+ Fourth group € 100,00

2 The financial compensation for tutoring concerns a volunteer compensation. Please be informed about the rules and regulations of the Dutch Belastingdienst concerning volunteer compensations.

Getting credits for your tutor work
It is possible to go for a learning trajectory and earn 3 credits for your tutor work. If you choose this option, you start with making a plan of what skills you want to develop during your tutoring job. After having done an intake with Presentation Skills Coordinator Nienke Woldman, you write this plan in which you define your goals, and the actions you want to undertake to reach these goals. To do so, we ask you to tutor 4 groups – probably spread over a few periods instead of teaching them all simultaneously. Along the tutoring, you reflect on your practices and eventually you hand in a report for which you can get credits in period 6 (under course code ELS56303). If you are interested in this learning trajectory, please contact us, so that we can plan an intake meeting with Nienke Woldman.

Interested? That’s great!

If you are interested in tutoring, please contact us via and send along your phone number. We will scheduele you as a tutor if there are places available or we will put your name on our mailing list. In thas case, we will contact you via email (per period) about the courses we need tutors for. You can unsubscribe from this mailing at any time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you as a tutor in one of our courses!

Tutoring in times of Covid-19

Most of our Presentation Skills courses are currently taught online. Therefore the instruction meetings and sessions take place online (via MS Teams) until further notice.