World Food Prize – Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute

Wageningen Youth Institute

Wageningen Youth Institute invites high school students throughout Europe to participate in the Global Challenge of the World Food Prize Foundation. To participate, students write a short essay about a global challenge of their own interest. “How do we feed the world in 2050 in a fair, sustainable and healthy way when the world population rises to 10 billion?”

Wageningen Youth Institute 17 March 2022

After handing in the Global Challenge report the high school students will interact in online round table sessions with fellow students and experts, such as World Food Prize laureates and University professors, at Wageningen Youth Institute. At this event students will be selected to join the Global Youth Institute in October 2022 in Des Moines, US. At the expense of the Wageningen Youth Institute and the World Food Prize Foundation. So you can win a very inspiring trip!

Kick-off workshops

To prepare and support students in writing the Global Challenge essay, we offer kick-off workshops by University students of WUR. The students will offer mini lectures and an explanation on how to write the Global Challenge essay. After the workshops the University students will be available for questions and support up until the date of the Wageningen Youth Institutes.

For whom

- High school students between 15 and 19 years throughout Europe

Participate with your extended essay

We offer support from WUR students to Dutch high school students who are working on their extended essay on a subject related to global food security. You will then automatically participate in the Global Challenge with finals on March 17.

Why participate?

  • You can really have an impact and contribute to a better world.
  • You learn skills such as discussing and presenting. Very useful for school and in the future.
  • You meet and advise policymakers, entrepreneurs, and scientists.
  • You will become part of the Wageningen Youth Institute, where you will make special friendships and build a network that can be useful in your later career.
  • You have the chance to win a trip to the Global Youth Institute in the United States.You have the chance to win a trip to the Global Youth Institute in the United States.

Global Food Security

There are many different topics to consider about global food security issues and how we can feed the world in an honest, sustainable and healthy way. In addition, there are perspectives from all school subjects; chemistry, biology, but of course also economics.

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