WIAS graduate programme

The graduate school WIAS offers funding to enable a MSc student to start a PhD at a WIAS group and subject of his/her choice.

The PhD project should start at the latest on 1 January 2022.

This year, the call for the WIAS graduate programme is open to all MSc students from Wageningen University who graduate in 2021.

In the attachment please find the application form for the WIAS Graduate Programme PhD proposal. The proposals must be written by the candidate with feedback from the anticipated supervisors of the project submitted, at the latest on 30 July 2021, to Nicole Rodenburg wias@wur.nl.

Conditions and criteria are stated in the application form. The students will defend their proposal in front of a jury in November 2021; the exact date will be announced later.

Time schedule:

30 July 2021: Deadline submission proposals

August-September 2021: Peer review procedure

15 October 2021: Deadline submission rebuttal                  

November 2021: Interviews selection, interviews and decision


Proposal format WIAS graduate programme 2021