PE&RC Buddy System for PhD candidates

The PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) has a buddy system to welcome newly arrived PhD candidates at Wageningen. A 'buddy' helps the new PhD settle in Wageningen in order to make him/her feel welcome and at home more quickly.

The Buddy System is an initiative of the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC). The idea for this system arose due the problems noted at the annual PE&RC weekends for new PhD candidates. Some of the issues they face are administrative, like where to get health insurance or how to open a bank account, whilst others are cultural as in how to deal with the Dutch culture. The buddy system was created to give new PhD candidates a helping hand and hopefully solve a large number of these issues.

The ‘buddy’ is a fellow PhD candidate and will primarily act as a resource person, rather than someone who will be directly involved in actually tackling the issues for the PhD candidate.

The Council

The PPC meets about once a month and consists of PhC candidates from the P&RC graduate school; all research field and categories are represented. The main objective of the PPC is to advise the PE&RC PhD programme coordinator, as well as the PE&RC Board and Commissions, both at their request and on its own initiative. Additionally, PPC serves as a knowledge and experience base for new, current and alumni PhD candidates. The PPC does so by organising the annual PE&RC Day and by assigning buddies to facilitate the arrival and quick acclimatisation of new PhD candidates at the PE&RC Graduate School.