About searching

To search the database, enter a subject, type and/or country. You should at least fill in one of the fields.

It is possible to select countries by checking the box(es) in front of the name(s). For all countries do not check any. For subject and type, you can only make one selection, but by leaving the field blank, you will get all options.

After submitting your search, you will get a result page. On this page, all results are presented with some general information.

For example, you searched for:

search field

The results page

The resulting page could be like this:

result page

The following items are displayed:

Title The name of the website
Website This is the homepage of the website that contains the information. The description in the link locator starts always on this homepage.
Subject All subjects to be found in the document/website.
Type All information types that are in the resulting document.
Document link The link to the document (n.b. it is advisable to also check the overview link that is displayed on the details page!)
Language The language of the document.
Document type Database, html, WORD, excel, pdf etc.
Extended information Extra information about the resulting document

The Details page

The details page could look like this:

Some important items on this page:

details page
Country All countries that are covered by this document.
Overview link Often, sites have overview pages with all important links to information on a subject. In case of legislation documents, those pages can act as an archive and contain older and newest versions of the same legislation documents. By checking this page, you can find more information and also check if newer versions are available.
Info update An indication on how up to date the information on the site is, or -if known- the file update date.
Link locator Websites change all the time. Often, links to documents change or the documents are replaced by newer ones. If you only have a direct link, it can be impossible to find the document or the replacement of it. The link locator describes -starting at the homepage- how you can find the information by clicking through the menu's and links.
Food type For all results that are MRL lists, the food type in the list is described here.
Results What items are listed in the MRL table.
Sorted by/ Search fields The elements that the results are sorted by (lists) or the elements that can be searched on (database).