Start-up Wageningen University & Research

WUR Spin-offs

Bringing value to knowledge; one of Wageningen University & Research’s (WUR) core activities. Creating societal and economic impact by providing society with expertise and technology. One of the ways to achieve this is by founding a spin-off company.

New businesses with motivated entrepreneurs who bring Wageningen expertise and discoveries to maturity and into practice. WUR stimulates and facilitates entrepreneurship and the launching of start-ups and spin-offs by students, graduates and employees. The soon-to-be entrepreneurs can rely on targeted support and unambiguous agreements in this process.

WUR is proud of its spin-off companies and makes the special WUR spin-off label available to them. A visible token of collaboration and affiliation. Through a spin-off as an independent company, WUR knowledge finds its way into society.

Do you want to know more about starting a spin-off business, apply for the spin-off label or find out more about our spin-off companies? Contact us. We are eager to talk to you.




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