MSc and PhD programs

The Wageningen Seed Centre is involved in educational programs at both the MSc and PhD level.

MSc programs

For those who seek an internationally recognized degree, Wageningen University offers English- language MSc programs in Biotechnology, Ecological Agriculture and Crop Science (with specialization's in Crop Breeding, Crop Production, Crop Protection, and Protected Cultivation). The 17-month MSc program is supervised by researchers in one of the Graduate Schools or research institutes in Wageningen.

PhD programs

Wageningen Seed Centre offers PhD programs for graduates admitted to the doctorate program at Wageningen University. One possibility for obtaining funds for this study is to apply for a so-called 'Sandwich PhD Scholarship'. A Sandwich grant allows the student to spend a few months in Wageningen at the beginning of the research period for training in specific techniques or skills and for the qualifying exams, as well as for finishing the research and writing the thesis at the end of the program. The actual research is done in the country of origin.