Wageningen UR collaborates with numerous organizations. Our network expands across 100 countries, is made up of more than 3500 organizations and it includes a diverse selection of partners ranging from scientific governmental agencies, academic and business partners, but also NGO's, Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) and citizens.

Support for civil society organisations

CSO’s play an important role in generating the demand and supply between Wageningen UR and the society-at-large. Some CSO’s consist of small groups of citizens who focus on a specific subject in their immediate environment. These organizations often lack the funds required for good scientific research that provides insight into the problem and possible solutions.

The Science Shop of Wageningen UR supports non-profit organizations by conducting research for them that has a potential societal impact in the fields of nutrition and health, sustainable agriculture, water management, environmental quality, and processes of social change.

Support for Businesses

Companies and governmental organizations that require additional research or are looking for existing knowledge, please go to the page about Collaborating with Wageningen UR.

Support for Educational organisations

  • Students of nearly all masters programs at Wageningen University participate in theAcademic Consultancy Training(in Dutch).
  • For Primary schools, theScience Node(Wetenschapsknooppunt, in Dutch) provides school activities.
  • Beta Support(Betasteunpunt, in Dutch) provides information and school activities for secondary schools.
  • The overview below contains several testimonials from our non-profit partners.
  • Educational organisations that require Wageningen UR knowledge can contactWURKS(page only available in Dutch).

Other support organisations

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) works to inspire new forms of learning and collaboration between citizens, governments, businesses, NG

Testimonials from our non-profit partners