Application and admission - Biobased Sciences

The programme spans different areas of expertise across Wageningen University & Research, which the three distinct specialisations cover. These specialisations are as such interesting for students with a technology background as well as students with a social science background.

Students with a completed bachelor's degree in the natural sciences, engineering, or quantitatively-orientated social sciences (such as economics, management, logistics) are admissible. 

For admission to the MSc programme, applicants are expected to submit the same documents as for other programmes.

You are expected to have:

  • A BSc degree (or equivalent) in biotechnology, (molecular) biology, biochemistry, life sciences, chemical engineering, plant sciences, animal sciences, environmental science and technology, agrotechnology, management and consumer sciences, industrial or systems engineering, economics and policy, or comparable.
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 70% of the relevant maximum grade.

The pre-education determines the most suitable and realistic specialisation.

Your application will be evaluated individually by an assessment committee.  

How to apply for the MSc Biobases Sciences