Things you want to know about studying in Wageningen

So you have taken the first step in studying at Wageningen University & Research and probably still have a lot of questions. What can I expect when studying at Wageningen? What will happen when I arrive there? Find out the things you want to know before you come to Wageningen.

Wageningen Campus

The campus consists of many different education buildings, with Forum as the iconic building in the middle. Done with studying at the library in Forum and want to have break? There are several places on the campus where you can relax and have a drink with your fellow students. For example the ‘Grand Cafe’ at Forum, 'the Spot' in Orion, or you can have lunch at the ‘Restaurant of the Future’. 

Nearby sports centre ‘De Bongerd’ offers over 60 different sports ranging from tennis, squash and indoor biking to football, rugby and athletics. There are multiple student associations and each study programme has its own study association that organises a wide range of activities and services for students.

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Wageningen city

Wageningen is nice city with many possibilities to have a great time. Theatres, cinemas, student clubs, bars, night life and restaurants create the elegance of a city, in a beautiful rural setting. The nearby floodplains of the river Rhine and national park ‘de Veluwe’ are ideal for those who enjoy nature or like hiking, running or cycling.

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Annual Introduction Days (AID)

The AID is the perfect start of your time in Wageningen! During the introduction programme, you will get to know the university, your fellow students and the city. Join the AID!

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Binding Study Advice (BSA)

In order to enrol for your study programme in the second academic year, you must earn at least these 36 credits in first year courses. Otherwise you are not allowed to continue your study programme.

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Visa for NON-EU students

Students arriving from outsite Europe need to have a visum to study in Wageningen. Find out everything you need to know when preparing your stay.

Visa and residence permit