Satiety and Satisfaction

High intake of foods and intake of the wrong foods threatens public health in many coutries worldwide. Obesity has doubled in the Dutch population in the past 25 years and is expected to increase even further. The quality of life of people in all ages groups and all socio-economic groups is put under pressure.

Our vision on "obesity and satiety"

Since obesity is an important risk factor for a number of chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes), health care spending is expected to rise as well. For this reason obesity poses a double burden on less affluent societies: combating obesity has become a world wide challenge.

Wageningen University and Research Center is establishing a knowledge base to increase the satiating properties of processed foods. In the past 50 years our caloric intake is increasingly derived from liquid and semi-liquid products. We hypothesise that the human body does not "count" liquid calories, as a result of which the body does not inhibit further eating.

Knowing that one single strategy to combat obesity will not be successful in large populations, our research agenda is embedded in four larger framework programmes: