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Wageningen University

Wageningen University offers scientific education. Students get the opportunity to combine the pure sciences – from plant sciences to food technology and health – with the social sciences – from environmental studies to economics and sociology.

Wageningen University was the first university in the Netherlands to adopt the BSc-MSc-PhD model in order to ensure that our courses match comparable programs internationally. Education at Wageningen University is strongly international which is proven by the fact that approximately 30% of the MSc students and 50% of the PhD students come from abroad.

The scientific quality of Wageningen University is safeguarded by 7 Graduate Schools.

Wageningen University is among the top 3 in the worldwide publication index in the field of agriculture and in the top 5 in the areas of plants/ animals and environment.

Van Hall Larenstein

Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education is part of Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR). The result is a comprehensive combination of professional and university education and research in the field of life sciences and natural resources.

Wageningen University and Van Hall Larenstein together offer a carefully designed selection of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes that enable students to transfer easily from one institution to the other.

Van Hall Larenstein focuses on integrated regional development, animal management, and nutrition and health. Van Hall Larenstein offers 14 bachelor’s degree programmes and 6 professional master’s degree programmes to a total of 4,400 students of 20 nationalities.