About Satiety

Combating obesity

In the Western world, food is overwhelmingly available, at each moment of the day and at every corner. In just a few generations, the food supply has changed rapidly from food shortage and marginal availability in vulnerable children and mothers, into food abundance, widespread overnutrition and reduction of physical activity. This transition has resulted in changing health and disease patterns, from infectious to chronic diseases, to overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. By now, about one third of the avoidable disease burden can be attributed to an unhealthy diet. Increasing overweight and obesity take away prospects for long-term health of individuals and populations during their life span.

Our primary goal is to combat obesity by changing the satiating properties of food products, while rewarding consumers in conscious and unconscious ways. "Satiety and Satisfaction" helps food companies to deliver new food products with a solid evidence-base in a highly competitive food market. It helps policy makers to identify effective, evidence-based interventions. Possibly, we can create a "Satiety Index" as a communication tool towards consumers.

The program has started with four academic research projects that satisfy the highest scientific standards. In the period 2008-2011 other R&D projects and activities will be added to fully cover the area of "Satiety and Satisfaction" in terms of research, education and business.