Planning your research

Preparing for data collection

In the planning phase of a research project, data management includes composing a Data Management Plan (DMP), in which a researcher or research group describes which types of data will be collected, where and how the data will be stored, if and where the data will be published, etc. All starting PhD students at Wageningen University & Research must make a Data Management Plan. University chair groups also need to have one. Many funders now require Data Management Plans as part of research project applications. The format for a Data Management Plan can be accessed here.

Get feedback on your Data Management Plan
Are you in the process of developing a Data Management Plan? Are you unsure about certain aspects of the plan and want advice? You can have your Data Management Plan reviewed by Data Management Support. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Follow our Data Management Planning Course
Wageningen Graduate Schools provides the one-day training course 'Research Data Management' in cooperation with Wageningen University & Research - Library.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the institutional requirements and policy on data management planning?

Wageningen Graduate Schools requires PhD students to create a Data Management Plan (DMP). Chair groups are also required to have a Data Management Plan for their group. For PhD students, the DMP will be an appendix to their research proposal and will be subject to review by Wageningen Graduate Schools. See Institutional requirements for more information.
It is important that Data Management Plans, and the day-to-day data management practice, follow WUR’s research data policy. This policy outlines the regulations on data storage, archiving and registration.

How do I write a data management plan? Do you have a template and examples I can look at?

Yes, we do. You can find the template and examples on our Support page on Data Management Plan formats. In the template you will find information on how to fill in your Data Management Plan.

What is my funder's policy on data management planning?

Most funders have requirements on data management planning and data publication. We have compiled details for NWO/STW, Horizon 2020, ZonMw, NSF and RCUK on this support page.

How can I find research data that I can use for my research?

You can use several sources to look for datasets:

  • DataSearch lists datasets from various disciplines. It also contains supplementary data from scientific articles.
  • DataCite also lists datasets from a range of disciplines.
  • ScholeXplorer collects links between datasets and literature. This way it enables you to find datasets underlying articles, or articles based on datasets.
  • Re3Data lets you browse data repositories rather than datasets. Once you find a suitable repository, you can look for a dataset on the repository website.
  • Research@WUR lists datasets in different repositories by Wageningen University & Research authors.
  • Zanran is a service that scans the public internet for webpages that contain numerical data or statistics.

Visit our page Finding research data for more tips.