Planning your research

The data you collect during your research project is highly valuable, which makes research data management (planning) an essential part of your research. It is important to properly think through how you will manage your data, because you are personally responsible for taking good care of your data. Before you start collecting data consider and check the following:

Reuse existing data
Before you start your project, find out if the data you need is already available or if similar data exists.
> Finding existing data for reuse

Wageningen University & Research data policy
WUR’s research data policy outlines the regulations on data management planning, data storage, archiving and registration.
> Data Policy at WUR

Data Management Plan
WUR requires chair groups and PhD students to create a group or individual Data Management Plan (DMP), respectively.
> Data Management Protocols and Plans: templates & examples
> Data Management requirements of the Wageningen Graduate Schools

Research funder data policies
Increasingly, research data policies from research funders require researchers to write a DMP and publish research data.
> Data Management Requirements of Research Funders

Data ownership
Only WUR could be involved in creating the data within your project, but also third parties. In other words: where lies the ownership of the data collected within your project?
> Ownership of WUR research data
Copyright Information Point

Data sharing: guidelines and agreement
The ability to share data depends on the confidentiality level of your data and whether only WUR is involved in creating the data or also third parties.
> Data classification
> Data Sharing and guidelines
Data Sharing Agreement - Framework

PhD checklist (for supervisors)
Research data management is not to only think about while planning your research. Properly managing your data should be an intrinsic part of doing research and a daily routine. For PhD candidates and supervisors, we developed a checklist with additional information to help with research data management throughout the research cycle.
> PhD checklist – Research Data Management
> PhD checklist - explanation

Research Data Management course
For PhD candidates and postdocs, the Wageningen Graduate Schools offer a Research Data Management course, which is organised by WUR Library and given four times a year. This course covers various aspects of research data management.