Data Management Plan formats

Data management planning is a matter of good research practice. At Wageningen University & Research PhD candidates and Chair Groups are required to have a Data Management Plan.

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a tool that makes you carefully think about your data collection process. Investing time in thinking about managing your research data at the start of your project helps to you to 

  • keep track of your research progress more efficiently;
  • easily find and understand the data you created earlier;
  • prepare your research data for future use (e.g., data publication, verification purposes or reuse of your data by others);
  • comply with ethical guidelines, and institutional, funder and journal requirements

Wageningen University & Research has developed a format for an individual plan.

Download it here

To give you an impression of a completed DMP go to the example DMPs below.

Individual DMP

A DMP from the Environment Systems Analysis Group, Wageningen University & Research
A DMP from the Earth Systems Science Research Group, Wageningen University & Research

Chair Group DMP

Data Management Plan for the Division of Toxicology, Wageningen University & Research