Registering archived data sets

Data sets are valuable research output. A lot of work usually goes into creating a data set, and once complete, it can be of value to other researchers. WUR is proud of its data output and finds it important to make it visible. For this reason, the data policy stipulates that all archived data sets underlying publications must be registered in Pure, WUR’s research output system.

What is Pure?
Pure is the system behind Research@WUR, WUR’s institutional repository with research output of WUR staff. What is registered in Pure is shown in Research@WUR. Pure contains information on all WUR employees and their research output, such as articles, reports, presentations and data sets. The information in Research@WUR is visible to people within and outside of WUR.

How does the registration of data sets work?
Data sets are entered into Pure by the WUR Library. To have your data set registered, please send an email to the Data Desk with a link and/or preferably the persistent identifier (e.g. Digital Object Identifier (DOI), accession number) to your data set. If the data set underlies any publications, please add a link and/or DOI to the associated article(s). Library staff will then register information about your data set in Pure and link it to any publications in the system. If you wish to register an unpublished data set (archived on the W-drive), contact the data steward of your research group.

When should a data set be registered?
The policy stipulates that all archived data sets that underlie publications must be registered. It is not required to register data sets that do not underlie publications, but it is recommended. Registering all of your archived data sets improves the visibility and findability of your research.