Travel Allowance WUR

Wageningen University provides travel costs compensation to students who go on study exchange or do an internship/thesis in one of the programme countries as part of their studies.

When you apply for Erasmus+ for study exchange or for your internship/thesis which is part of your study program, you will automatically receive a travel allowance.

The travel compensation is provided together with the first payment (70%) of the Erasmus+ grant. When you handed in all the compulsory documents, you do not have to undertake any other action to receive the travel allowance.

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with travel allowance if you do a voluntary internship (for which you do not receive ECTS) or when you do an internship after graduation. The travel allowance is only for students who go to Erasmus+ countries.

Zero-grant or waiting list Erasmus+

If you are a zero-grant student or are on the waiting list while you are going on an Erasmus+ exchange or do an internship/thesis for which you receive ECTS in one of the programme countries, you can still receive a travel allowance.

You have to hand in all the compulsory forms for the Erasmus+ grant application (study & internship/thesis) to receive the travel costs allowance.

You will receive the travel compensation after your return when you handed in the compulsory document upon return (study & internship/thesis)

Travel Allowance 2021-2022
Country Amount
Austria €200
Belgium €50
Bulgaria €300
Croatia €200
Cyprus €300
Czech Republic €200
Denmark €150
Estonia €100
Finland €250
France €150
Germany €130
Greece €300
Hungary €300
Iceland €430
Ireland €200
Italy €200
Latvia €300
Liechtenstein €200
Lithuania €300
Luxembourg €150
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia €300
Malta €200
Norway €350
Poland €200
Portugal €300
Romania €300
Serbia €300
Slovakia €200
Slovenia €300
Spain €200
Sweden €200
Turkey €250
United Kingdom €200

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