Application Erasmus+ Grant Study

On this page you can find all information about the application process to apply for an Erasmus+ exchange and an Erasmus+ grant for study.

Requirements to apply for Erasmus+ grant

You can apply for Erasmus+ grant after we have nominated you for an exchange period at one of the partner universities.

Procedures and forms

The European Union has made a detailed procedure for applications to their Erasmus+ exchange programme and grant. Please follow this procedure exactly. If you need help ask your exchange coordinator to assist you.

Deadline application forms for Erasmus+ Grant:

First semester: June 1st

Second semester: November 1st

(For student thesis: please contact the Study Abroad Office)

Powerpoint:How to fill in required documents Erasmus+

2021-2022 Erasmus+ Grant Application workshop
Please check the notes in the PowerPoint since we won't be able to present the Grant Applicatin workshop ourselves.

Forms for application Erasmus+ grant

1. Grant Agreement (GA)

  • The Grant Agreement has to be signed by the student only. Administrators sign the document after application is completed.

  • The Grant Agreement has to be handed in before the deadline.

  • Save your document as: GA [Lastname]

  • E-mail it to the exchange administrators:

You can download the document here:

Grant Agreement for Study 2021-2022.docx

To find the ISCED CODES, scroll down to Useful information to fill in the GA and LA.


2. Learning Agreement (LA)

Before sending in this document, you need your study advisor and examination committee to approve your selected courses. Ask your study advisor for the right procedures.

  • The Learning Agreement needs to be signed by three persons:
    The student
    - exchange coordinator (first exchange coordinator, afterwards receiving institution)
    - Receiving institution (= university where you are going to study)

  • The Learning Agreement needs to be handed in as soon as possible but no later than the start of your exchange period. As it sometimes takes some time and effort to get your Learning Agreement signed by all parties, we are a bit more flexible with the deadline of this document.

  • Save your document as: LA [Lastname]

  • e-mail it to the exchange administrators

You can download the document here:

Learning Agreement for study 2021-2022.docx

To find the ISCED CODES, scroll down to Useful information to fill in the GA and LA.

Students who will do an exchange with one of the following universities, need to use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA):

  • Universitetet i Bergen

  • University of Bonn

  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

  • George-August-Universität Göttingen

  • Háskóli Íslands

  • Lunds Universitet - faculty of engineering

  • L'Institut Agro: Agrocampus Ouest

  • L'Institut Agro: Montpellier SubAgro

  • Mendel University in Brno

  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

  • OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University

  • Università degli Studi di Padova -the School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage

  • Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)

  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)

Please use the format from WUR for your learning agreement, or the format from the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). If you already have a learning agreement from your receiving institution, please check if the information is the same as our format. If not, you need to have both learning agreements (our and their version) signed.


Useful information to fill in the GA and LA

Examples how to fill in the Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement:

Example - how to fill in the Grant Agreement for Study 2021-2022

Example - how to fill in the Learning Agreement for Study 2021-2022.docx

Information you need to fill in the GA and LA:

If you are a BSc student; select the MSc code which is related to your BSc programme.

Useful information to fill in the Learning Agreement correctly:


3. OLS (Online Linguistic Support)

For the Erasmus+ requirements you have to complete an online language test. The test is compulsory, eventhough you already did another language course because the EU monitors the influence on language skills through the exchange programme.

Information about the test will follow via e-mail after you handed in the Grant Agreement.

Important notes

  • Please make sure you hand in the full document and not only the pages you signed or filled!
  • Please fill out all forms on a computer. Handwritten forms cannot be accepted.
  • Make sure the contracts are complete (so we can see what you signed when opening your file). The printers at WUR can scan several pages to one PDF, see instructions at the printers. You can also use digital signs.
  • Every document in a single file (so do not paste the Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement together).
  • If you hand in your application after the deadlines for the Erasmus grant you will be added to our waiting list. Applications handed in after the start of your exchange will not be accepted at all and you will not have an Erasmus+ status (which means you have to pay tuition fees).


    If your stay exceeds more than 5 days in duration compared to the original duration mentioned on your signed grant agreement, you need to file for an extension period. Please go to Extension period abroad for more information.

    Upon return

    You also have to hand in documents after you returned from your study exchange. You can find these compulsory documents at Upon Return Exchange Study.

    Student charter

    Here you can find your rights and obligations as an Erasmus+ student.


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