Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans help to critically think about how research data will be handled, and to establish good data practices. This is why the WUR data policy stipulates that all PhD candidates and chair groups should have a Data Management Plan.

What is a Data Management Plan?
A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document in which a researcher or research group outlines various aspects of their data management, such as what data will be collected or produced, how these will be stored and organised, and where these will be archived after completion of the research.

Requirements of the Wageningen Graduate Schools
While all PhD candidates are required to write a DMP, the exact requirements on how to submit this DMP differ between the Graduate Schools. This page provides links to more information. Once PhD candidates have created their DMP, it becomes an appendix to their research proposal and may be reviewed by Wageningen Graduate Schools.

How to get started
Wageningen University & Research provides a DMP format that you can use, which can be downloaded from this page. Here you also find an information sheet and examples of DMPs written by WUR researchers. If you have questions or if you would like to get feedback on your DMP, contact Data Management Support.