May 21, 2019

The New York Times has a very nice article on the influence of earthworm invations in North America on the GHG balance of forest soils, including a nice reference to our 2013 Nature Climate Change article a a short interview with our colleague Ingrid Lubbers. As it is not every ime that we make it into such a good newspaper, and as it is even more uncommong that it is a realy good article which has all the major facts correct...........

June 6, 2019

GroundBreaker Prize for Gerlinde De Deyn

We hope you all remember 2015 the Global Year of Soils and the launch of the Globas Soil Biodiversity Atlas in 2016, milestones for soil ecology. Of course we think soil ecology is super intersting and important, but who else in the worlk is really all caring about that? Well here is the next big thing: FoodShot Global, a new initiative and collective of Universities and comanies wanting to mek a Food System change. Thier inaugural challence: innovation SOIL 3.0! After the process of nomination, application and two selection interviews we are delighted to announce that Prof.dr Gerlinde De Deyn is laurate of the inaugural GroundBreaker Prize awarded by Foodshot Global. For more information visit Prize and Foodshot Global and WUR Resource.