Data Science Courses

As research in the WUR domains requires an increasing set of skills and knowledge in the field of Data science, Wageningen University & Research offers a wide selection of courses and specialisations.

How to specialize in data science at WUR?

The students who follow BSc and/or MSc programmes have various possibilities to extend their knowledge or specialize in data science. During the BSc programmes the students can choose for BSc minor of Data Science where they learn the basics of data science.

Both in the bachelor and master program the students can also select one or more free choice courses related to data science (see overview below).

In some of the master programs it is already possible to follow a dedicated specialisations and tracks which focus on data science skills in a specific domain. There is also a possibility to use online courses or other materials on data science.

WUR data science courses per phase in the data science life cycle

Overview of data science courses & tracks

Get advice on the best track for you

We recommend you discuss your possibilities with the study advisers of dedicated programmes or contact WDCC for more information and possibilities.

Information Technology (INF)

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (YMS)

Human nutrition (HNE)

Systems and Synthetic Biology (SSB)

Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles

Operations Research and Logistics

Business Economics

Mathematical and Statistical Methods (MAT)

Communication, Philosophy and Technology (CPT)

Library (LIB)

Farm Technology (FTE)

Crop Systems Analysis (CSA)

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group (WEC)