Start your bachelor's study in Wageningen

Are you still in doubt about your study choice? Wageningen University & Research is the best university in the Netherlands where you can study for a bachelor's degree.

Studying in Wageningen means studying at a beautiful campus with countless facilities, exchange ideas with students from over 95 different countries and lots of entertainment in the city center!

Why choose Wageningen University & Research?

Wageningen University & Research is a specialised university in the field of life sciences, environmental sciences and healthy food.


It is also known as a highly ranked university in various fields:

  • World's best in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment & Ecology
  • The number 1 university in the Netherlands
  • Personal guidance during your study time
  • International top campus of 70.000 m² with excellent student facilities
  • Guarantee of premium quality education and an international quality benchmark on your CV

Wageningen University & Research offers 6 English taught bachelor's programmes:

In these programmes you will focus on current and future global issues that are of increasing importance to both industry and government.

Experience Wageningen

Being a student at Wageningen

Because of the international reputation of Wageningen University & Research, lots of international students come to the university. Almost 25% of the more than 10.000 students who study in Wageningen is foreigner. This leads to a large international community and more than 20 international associations.

Are you curious about the experiences of students and what's it like to study in Wageningen? On the International students blog you can read everything about education, student life, nice spots to eat or drink, tips for housing and parties. In other words, all kind of information which will give you, as a prospective student, a good understanding of what it would be like to study in Wageningen!

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Time is running out. It is almost July 1, the official application deadline for EU-students, and maybe you're still curious about the differences between some of the 6 English taught bachelor's programmes? For example, do you want to study an environmental sciences study programme, but not sure which one? Read more about the differences of the bachelor's programmes in this domain.

Differences between these bachelor's programmes

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