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How to apply for a minor?

Learn more about how to apply for a minor as a student of Wageningen University & Research or as an external or international student.

WUR students

Before taking a minor, we recommend you to discuss your choices with your study adviser. When you have made your decision, you can register for the minor courses separately like you do for all other courses. When you ask for approval of your entire programme in Osiris, you can add the title of your minor.

External students in the Netherlands

External students, from hbo or other Dutch universities, can follow their minor (courses) as a 'bijvakstudent', giving them the right to follow courses at WUR at no extra costs. Please check Minors for students outside WUR for more details.

Read more information for external students

When you are a student from TU/e or Utrecht University, you might also be able to enroll via eduXchange, making registrations easier. Please check if your courses are offered here.

International students

International students who are currently studying at a Dutch university or hbo can use the information described here: Minors for students outside WUR.

International students from partner universities of the Erasmus network have the possibility to take part in exchange programmes and follow a BSc minor at Wageningen University & Research this way.

There are also possibilities for students from non-EU partner universities of Wageningen University & Research, and for students from universities with contacts at Wageningen University & Research in their own area of research. Information can be found on the page for future exchange students.

Students that want to take a minor to prepare for an MSc programme at Wageningen University & Research should contact the study adviser of this MSc programme for information on the possibility of a pre-master programme and/or minor. You can find the contact details of the study advisers on the websites of the MSc programmes.

Others interested

If you are not registered at a Dutch university or hbo or a partner university there are other ways to register. You can register as a 'contract student'. For registration as a contract student, a fee is charged which is based on the number of ECTS credit points per subject. For a whole minor this could be over € 7000 for non- WUR alumni. Details can be found here.

Student Service Centre

Student Service Centre provides information for students about admission, registration, tuition fees, legal residence, etc. For more information please check: Student Service Centre.