Study Programme - MSc Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a broad, multidisciplinary area of science. A Master of Science in Biotechnology is an expert in one (group of) discipline(s) and has sufficient knowledge and skills in other disciplines to cooperate with experts from the other disciplines. Therefore, students specialise during the master's programme and learn how to solve complex biotechnological problems in a multidisciplinary team.

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Programme setup

In the English master programme Biotechnology you specialise in one biotechnological discipline or application. You also acquire skills and knowledge about the other disciplines, so you will be able to work together with experts on those areas. You learn to apply biotechnology for the development or improvement of products and processes, from food to biomass to medicines.

Two years

The two year programme offers five specialisations. In each specialisation you take specialistic courses in the first year, some compulsory, other you can choose. At the end of the first year you will design a biotechnological process together with students from other specialisations.
In the second year you will work on two research projects within your own specialisation: one master thesis at Wageningen University & Research and a project within or outside the university.