Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are important precepts for Wageningen University & Research. They are expressed in our mission, 'To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life,' and in our ambition to take a leading role in the area of sustainable operational management. In short, Wageningen stands for sustainability.

In our Strategic Plan 2019-2022 we give priority to promoting the vitality of staff and students, to offer healthier and more sustainably produced food in our canteens, and to reduce our food waste.

WUR is partner of the Wageningen Climate Plan

WUR is partner in het Wagenings klimaatplan

Wageningen University & Research, together with 52 climate partners, endorses the Wageningen Climate Plan 2017-2021. The purpose is to make major steps towards a climate-neutral Wageningen. Many projects are being carried out for this purpose. WUR wants to contribute to the major climate issue and will actively work for this on its own initiative as well as with other partners.

An overview of the results so far:

  • Many WUR projects and activities in the fields of energy, waste, biodiversity and mobility contribute to reducing climate impact. Each year, WUR measures its climate impact with the CO2 footprint. Compared to 2010 WUR had 50% fewer CO2 emissions in 2019.
  • In transforming our organisation’s sustainability, we apply a Living Lab concept. This approach to provide opportunities for research and education experiments.
  • WUR pursues a sustainable procurement policy, with the ambition to push supply chains to be transparent, sustainable, circular and free from modern slavery. In our procurement policies and practices, we push supply chains to be transparent, sustainable, circular and free from modern slavery.
  • Wageningen Campus is one of the most sustainable knowledge centres in the Netherlands. Examples are the use of thermal storage at Wageningen Campus and the use of stringent sustainability criteria for building constructions, maintenance and renovation.
  • WUR generates renewable energy with windmill turbines in Lelystad, thermal storage on campus and solar panels. In 2019 109% of the energy consumed was generated using sustainable methods.
  • Green Office Wageningen let us keep a sharp focus by posing critical questions about sustainability. Some of the projects are: Shut the hood, Reuse revolution, Student Cooking Corner and the Seriously Sustainable week. Students work on sustainability dilemmas with GreenMatch or write Sustainability Blogs. Follow Green Office on instagram: #greenwur.

Read more about WUR’s sustainability activities and projects in the Sustainability Report 2020.

WUR in sustainability rankings

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