Press Wageningen University & Research

The press officers of Wageningen University & Research are the first point of contact for journalists. The press officers handle the incoming media enquiries and outgoing press releases. They provide and disseminate information regarding Wageningen University & Research’s academic affairs and policy-related issues. In addition, the press officers also advise academic researchers and administrators in their dealings with the media.

Information for contacting the media:

Submitting press releases

This is intended exclusively for the media. Submit the request by e-mail to one of our press officers.

RSS feeds for News and Agenda releases

Use our RSS feeds for News and Agenda releases.

    Visual material

    The press department of Wageningen University & Research is happy to provide you with high-resolution visual material. Most images are free of charge and not copyrighted. Our press officers will provide you with this visual material, provided the source is quoted.

    Our image database contains the following visual material:

    • photos of presentations, lectures and inaugural speeches (on request from the press officers)
    • high-resolution photos of portraits: management, administration and professors
    • high-resolution photos of Wageningen University & Research buildings

    Looking for a specific image? Our press officers are happy to help you.

    Personal search

    Looking for a specific person at Wageningen University & Research? Send an e-mail to one of our press officers requesting help in your search, or search through