Interfood Group

The Interfood Group is a leading global dairy supplier, facilitating the distribution of over 770,000 MT of dairy products per annum. Service! For over 45 years’ service is most important for our company. With over 7000 repetitive accounts worldwide we have a solid base to provide all our customers with the best service.

No one knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain; we will be there following our passion and doing what we do best. And that is taking care of your business.

Our people is what make Interfood. Our over 200 employees take pride in giving you the best service possible, whilst having a passion and affinity to work in the dairy industry. We combine personal contact with guaranteed quality and delivery. Our people make it happen!

We take care of our employees with different programs which include a high level international trainee program for young graduates more commonly known as the Interfood Academy.

Coming from a small family based history. This family culture is still in the hearts of our people, resulting in their loyalty towards the Interfood group and our business relations.

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Participation online Career Day

Interfood is giving a presentation and holding orientation interviews with selected students. If you are interested, please select during registration.