Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD or Autism

Do you just need more time during examinations? If you only need more time during exams or an enlarged font, you don’t have to make an appointment with a
student dean. However, you do need a medical statement.

Doctor or psychologist statements

Make a copy of the statement from your doctor or your
psychologist, setting out your diagnosis. Fill in your data on this form. Send a copy of the statement and the completed form to a student dean via studentdean@wur.nl.

Letter of accomodation

Once your statement has been approved by a student
dean, you will receive a letter of accomodation stating
that you have the right to 25% extra time during
examinations and/or a larger font. This letter will be
sent to your WUR e-mail address.

You will have to forward this letter to your course
coordinators yourself, so that they can arrange for
the extra time and/or a larger font. You have to do this at
the latest three weeks prior to the examination.

Do you need other facilities?

If you need any other or additional facilities, you shouldn’t
use this form. In this case you need to make an
appointment with a student dean as soon as possible.

Study delay

In the event that you fall behind in your studies due to an
impairment or learning disability, you may have the right
to extra student fi nance (a grant/loan). The student deans
will determine whether you qualify for this. Report your
study delay to a student dean as soon as possible. Study
delays that came about more than two months before you
reported them will not be registered.