Studying with a disability

As a student with a functional disability, you can appeal to the student deans, psychologists and study advisors for study guidance. In addition, a student doctor is available for select cases.

If you are starting or have just started studying at Wageningen University, it is a good idea to make an appointment with a student dean, study advisor or exchange coordinator. They can help you in neutralising or limiting possible obstacles as much as possible.

- Student deans offer information regarding regulations and other subjects, can request study modifications and give advice towards choosing the right study. 

- Study advisors offer guidance about choosing subjects, modifying study plans and offer support with organising the modifications.

- Student psychologists offer short term conversational and behavioural therapies, performance anxiety training and interest tests.

Engaging in education and taking exams.

A student dean is available to discuss the modifications or provisions necessary for engaging in education and taking exams. Usually a statement by a student doctor or student psychologist is required. The student dean can then put in a request to the Examining Board. Modifications will be adjusted to the individual functional disabilities as much as possible, but are not allowed to alter the quality or difficulty level of an education component or educational programme. The Examining Board will decide whether the requested modifications will be granted.

On an educational level, adjustments can be made in:

- Content, for example by offering equal level alternative course material;

- Study materials, such as digital study materials;

- Time period (prolonging the time limit in which a component can be completed);

- Study pace, if a student is not able to keep up with the normal pace due to their functional disability.

Modifications in exam methods apply to:

- Form (including taking an exam on a computer instead of on paper, testing course material by way of partial exams);

- Time period (for instance, allowing more time for exams; larger spreading of exams throughout the exam period);

- Allowing aids and resources during examination;

- Location (for instance, taking the exam in a separate space).

Provisions for engaging in education can include:

- Making modified furniture available in the study and exam spaces;

- Making special equipment available (for instance, enhancement software);

- Providing special computer facilities (for instance, speech recognition software);

- Exemption from attendance requirements;

- Providing a quiet space.

The modification(s) approved by the Examining Board, will be put in an official letter. A copy of that letter will be provided to your study advisor. With this letter, you can request the modifications yourself from the course coordinator in each course. Provisions are individual and tailor-made affairs.

Financial Student Support (FOS)

A student encountering study delays can request financial compensation for the duration of the delay, up to a maximum of 4 months. In order to qualify for compensation, you have to report the delay to a student counsellor within two months (calculated from the start of the delay). If there is a good chance your functional disability will cause delay, it is wise to report it to a student dean beforehand, or immediately after starting your studies.

Study delays compensated by an extra year of study financing by DUO will not be granted compensation. The full text of the Financial Student Support Regulation (FOS) and all its criteria can be found in the Student Statute.

Information meetings

Contact: Student Deans, Forum (building 102), Droevendaalsesteeg 2, 6708PB Wageningen, Tel: 0317- 483618 (secretariat), E-mail:

Appointments are made through the Student Information Desk at the Forum or by telephone through the secretariat (0317 483618)

Student Psychologists, Nexus (building 117), Akkermaalsbos 14, 6708WB Wageningen, tel. 0317 482027/486830/482133.


Appointments are made through one of the abovementioned e-mail addresses.