Student Training & Support

Welcome to Student Training & Support (STS). We provide an overview of trainings, workshops and guidance for WUR students on one digital platform. This increases the visibility and transparency of trainings offered by WUR and makes it easier for students to find the support they need. STS is the place where students can train their study skills, improve their well-being and discover (hidden) talents. Although the trainings and workshops are for students, we hope that professionals, like study advisors, teachers and student deans, use this platform as a tool in their guidance of students.

Student Training & Support uses six categories: personal development, career development, well-being, study skills, communication and between cultures.
Explore what each category has to offer or scroll down for a complete training overview!

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Gezondeboel is an online platform where you can start improving your mental wellbeing in a free, easy and anonymous way. Do you want to learn how to cope with coronastress, get tips on how to relax, or learn how to become more organised?

Start today. Use the link above for easy access via your WUR account.
You will get more information by watching the film on the platform (2 min.).

The trainings are exclusively accessible for students from Wageningen University & Research.
Most trainings and workshops need registration and sometimes a small fee is asked.

Training overview

Between cultures