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Student Training & Support

Welcome to Student Training & Support (STS), a digital platform that provides an overview of courses and activities to support WUR students on one digital platform.

STS offers a variety of hands-on workshops & short training courses that you can take voluntarily and free to improve your study skills, work on your (mental) well-being and explore your talents. The platform focuses on six themes: Study Skills, Personal Development, Career, Communication, Between Cultures & Wellbeing.

In addition to our own offer, Student Training & Support links to the activities offered by of Student Career Services, WUR Library, Wageningen Writing Lab, Wageningen In'to Languages and Studium Generale.


Activities Dates Time
Heart-to-Heart, talk to a Student Life coach Ongoing registration
Peer coaching Ongoing registration
Exam Study Weeks 30 Jan - 17 Feb 09:00-18:00h
Grief & Writing 29 Jan - online 15:30-17:30h
CAREER | Career Day 07 Feb - on campus 13:00-17:00h
Get a Grip on your Studies 22 Feb - 4 Wednesdays 12:30-14:00h
Learning to Learn (in Dutch) 22 Feb - 4 Wednesdays 12:30-14:00h
Fear of Failure - Dare to Succeed 23 Feb - 4 Thursdays 12:20-13:50h
Tackle your decision anxiety 23 Feb - 4 Thursdays 17:00-18:00h
Stress Management 27 Feb - 4 Mondays 18:30-21:30h
Stand your Ground 28 Feb - 4 Tuesdays 18:00-20:00h

More training courses & workshops

Student Career Services Supports students and (recent) alumni in the transition from study to career.
Career Day 7 February
Wageningen In'To Languages Professionalise by communicating better. In any language.
Wageningen Writing Lab Individual writing coaching, (lunch) workshops and writing weeks
WUR Library The Library trains students and staff on how to effectively find, obtain, use, manage, and publish scientific information.
Studium Generale Lectures & activities that inspire you to look beyond the boundaries of your field of study.
07 Feb - Love & Sex in Times of Social Safety: A Filmic Philosophy of Intimacy
14 Feb - Love & Sex in Times of Social Safety: The Paradoxes of Modern Love
21 Feb - Love & Sex in Times of Social Safety: Let Us Talk About Sex

The workshops & training are exclusively accessible for students at Wageningen University & Research.

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