Contact Studium Generale

How to contact Studium Generale:

Name Telephone Present
Wiebe Aans 0317 - 484 939 Monday to Thursday
Adri Bolt 0317 - 484 409 Monday and Tuesday
Angela Lewis 0317 - 482 028 Monday to Thursday

Evening activities organised by Studium Generale are usually held in Impulse. Sometimes a different location is chosen. The office of Studium Generale is in room 108 in Forum (building 102, Droevendaalsesteeg 2).

The Studium Generale programme is monitored and approved by the Studium Generale Committee. Its members are:

Prof. dr. CN (Cor) van der Weele
Prof. dr. M (Martien) Groenen
Prof. dr. MA (Maria) Koelen
Prof. dr. C (Carolien) Kroeze
Prof. dr. ir. R (Rudy) Rabbinge
Prof. dr. M (Marcel) Zwietering
Drs. JA (Jac) Niessen
Kamalita Pertiwi, PhD student
Emiek Heemstra, student
Tim Persoon, student