Future career - Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a new fast growing field of research poorly served by traditional curricula in Life Sciences. As the demand has outpaced the supply of bioinformaticians the first job after graduation is often a PhD project at a research institute or at an University in or outside the Netherlands.

After five years

This is a new field, thus we have no hard data on the follow-up. It is however anticipated that five years after graduation, about one third will still be employed as a scientist at an University or research center. Others will choose for a career at research-oriented pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

Examples of positions (not being a PhD position) and companies of graduates of the MBF program are:

- Bioinformatician (Nutricia, NIOO, Exp. cardiology UMCG, LUMC, Prinses Maxima centrum voor kinder oncologie, DDL diagnostics laboratory, Rijk Zwaan, Bejo zaden, Illumina, DDL diagnostics laboratory)

- Software developer (GenDx, iPerform software, Redhat, CM.com)

- Data scientist (DuPont, Bio-Prodict, Hyve)

- Programmer (Proigia)

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