Compare the master's Food Quality Management

The study programme master's Food Quality Management is unique in the world in both its content and its organization. Within the Netherlands it is the only academic programme of its kind. What makes this programme stand out is that food quality processes are assessed using the unique techno-managerial approach and the excellent academic environment in which the programme is embedded.

Compare the programme in Wageningen

Master's Food Safety. Food safety and quality learning are naturally interlinked.
Food safety is part of quality control systems. However, in the master's Food
Safety students gain a deeper understanding of microbiology, toxicology, risk
analysis and food safety management, or focus wholly on food legislation. In
Food Quality Management, there is a much broader focus on quality and less
emphasis on food safety. If you are interested in both programmes, specialization A (Quality Control and Assurance) is the specialization that is most similar to the Master Food Safety.

Master's Food Technology. This study programme focuses more on food production thereby inherently entailing elements of quality which makes it similar to the master's Food Quality Management. Food Technology though focuses more on the product and less on the management side than Food Quality Management.

Master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. This study programme is very management-focused, which makes it similar to Food Quality Management. Students can also specialize in management studies within Food Quality Management and the other way around, but the focus in Management and Economics is more on general management. If you are interested in MFQ with as much management as possible, specialization D (Quality Management and Entrepreneurship) is the best choice. If you want to specialize in the consumer side of quality management, specialization C (User-Oriented Food Quality) might be interesting!