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The master's Food Technology at Wageningen University is the only academic study programme offered in this domain in the Netherlands. The study programme is organised as a specialism and offers students a choice of nine specialisations: Food Biotechnology, Dairy Science & Technology, Ingredient Functionality, Product Design, Sustainable Food Process Engineering, Gastronomy, Food Innovation & Management; and two international specialisations: Sensory Science and European Master's in Food Studies. In all specialisations, students follow one year of specialised courses and conduct one year of research through a graduation thesis and an internship done outside the university.

Compare the master's Food Technology with similar study programmes in the Netherlands

There is currently no comparable master's study programme available in the Netherlands.

Differences between the master's Food Technology and similar study programmes at Wageningen University

Master's Food Quality Management. This study programme offers an integrated approach to the study and assessment of quality processes in the food industry. Quality is naturally a part of product development offering similarities to Food Technology, but the focus of Food Quality Management is less on the product itself.

Master's Food Safety. This study programme focuses on microbiology, toxicology and legislation. These essential elements are shared with Food Technology but Food Safety focuses less on the product than Food Technology.

Master's Biotechnology. It is possible to follow the specialisation Food Biotechnology in both the Master's Food Technology and Biotechnology study programmes. The difference is more of a focus on the product in Food Technology and more on the process in Biotechnology.

Master's Nutrition and Health. It is possible to follow the specialisation Sensory Science in both the Master's Food Technology and Nutrition and Health study programmes. The difference is more of a focus on the human sensorial aspect in Nutrition and Health and more on the product- and chemical sensorial aspect in Food Technology.

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