Adaptive Water Management specialisation

Increasing human-induced pressures on water cycles together with growing demands on water resources demands careful management of water systems. Students in this specialisation acquire the knowledge, skills and capacity to analyse future-oriented issues in water management and to propose and critically assess management strategies, policies and innovations for climate adaptive water management.

Courses and Thesis

This table shows the courses of this specialisation. Click on the course name for more information.
Course code Course Period
SLM-30306 Issues and Concepts in International Land and Water Management 1AF
WSG-35306 Modelling Future Water Stress 2MO
WSG-33806 Integrated Water Management 2AF
ENP-37306 Water Governance, Concepts and Practices 3
WRM-33806 Gender and Natural Resources Management 3
WSG-35806 Climate Smart Agriculture 3
WSG-34806 Climate Change Adaptation in Water Management 4
SDC-35306 Natural Hazards and Disasters 5MO
WRM-32306 Research Approaches to Land and Water Management 5AF
WRM-60309 Sustainable Land and Water management (Spain) 6
WSG-80436 Thesis Water Systems and Global Change year 2

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the Adaptive Water Management specialisation, graduates are expected to be able to:

  • Identify adaptive water management as a practice and context related boundary concept;
  • Apply theoretical concepts in the analysis of water management issues;
  • Propose and critically assess adaptation strategies and innovations;
  • Execute research in the field of adaptive water management.

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