Application and admission - Landscape Architecture and Planning

On this page you will find information on admission and registration for the MSc programme Landscape Architecture and Planning at Wageningen University.

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements

To enrol in an MSc Programme at Wageningen University, you need:

- A BSc degree (or equivalent) in a field of sciencerelevant to your selected programme. For the specialisation Landscape Architecture, this means you need a BSc in landscape architecture, architecture, garden architecture, or horticultural design
- A Grade Point Average (GPA) for this BSc of at least 70% of the maximum grade
- Fluency in English, both written and spoken

Specific admission requirements and Portfolio

If you are applying for the specialisation Landscape Architecture, we require you to submit your design portfolio. Please show in your portfolio: where you worked on design and why (for example in a course, internship or job), the results of your design assignment (the design itself) and the explanation/reasoning for the design. We ask you to upload your design portfolio together with the other documents as part of your online application. We only accept PDF files (maximum 25 MB).

If you meet the general admission requirements but are missing some specific knowledge or skills, we will offer a linkage programme to
fill these gaps. For the specialisation Landscape Architecture, this linkage programme does not compensate for the lack of a relevant BSc as mentioned above.

Unconditional admission

BSc graduates from the Wageningen Landscape Architecture and Planning programme have unconditional admission to the MSc programme. They can register without application. If you are enrolled in a different (Wageningen) programme, please contact one of the study advisers to discuss your plans at an early stage. In that way, you can prepare for your master's as part of your bachelor's elective courses.

Pre-master's Linkage programme

If you comply with the general admission requirements but are missing specific skills or knowledge for direct entry, the Admission Committee
may decide that you will have to complete a ‘Linkage programme’ first. This programme contains a maximum of 30 ECTS. Once you complete the linkage programme successfully, you will be admitted to the MSc programme.

Please note: For students interested in the specialisation Landscape Architecture, but with no design experience, the linkage programme will not suffice to make up for your lack of design experience.

The standard linkage programme for Landscape Architecture starts in the second semester (February). The linkage programme for Spatial Planning is designed individually and may be spread out over a full
academic year. If you are admitted to the MSc programme through a linkage programme, you will receive both an e-mail from the study adviser and an official admission letter from the Admissions Office.

Different payment conditions apply for the linkage programme. You can find more information about the payment on the SSC website.

Non-European applicants can be admitted to the linkage programme starting in February if the application is done before 1 October.

Linkage Programme MLP - specialisation Landscape Architecture
Linkage Programme MLP - specialisation Spatial Planning

Tuition fees

Tuition fees can vary, depending on, for example, your nationality and previous degree.

Find out which tuition fee is applicable for you


When you apply, you have to complete the online application form and submit it, together with all the necessary digital documents. The Admissions Committee will review your application based on an
individual assessment of your academic records (including curriculum, grade point average, and in case of the specialisation landscape architecture also the design portfolio), motivation and relevant work experience.

In addition to the required documents, you can submit any document in English or Dutch that would help the Admissions Committee to
better judge your application, such as a summary of your BSc thesis report or other relevant research papers (two pages maximum) or a letter of recommendation from your professor or employer. Papers should include contact details of your academic supervisor (if available).

You can only apply online. Please follow the application procedure applicable to you: Dutch students, EU students and non-EU/EFTA

Admission decision

The Admission Office will inform you of the decision of the Admission Committee by mail. If you fulfil all the admission requirements, you will be admitted to the two-year MSc programme. If you are missing any of the entry requirements (up to 30 ECTS), then you may be admitted to the linkage programme.


Contact the Student Service Centre for questions about admission and the status of your application.

Contact the study advisers for specific questions about the programme.

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