Application and admission - MSc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

On this page you will find information on admission requirements and application for the MSc programme Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering.

Specific admission requirements

We require a relevant bachelor's, including a certain number of technical and natural scientific courses. Relevant are for instance specialisations or minors and courses focussing on water and waste management, architecture and the built environment, transport, mobility or logistics, energy and food security and production, health and well-being and spatial planning and geographical information systems.

For the MADE programme the general WUR admission requirements apply. Additionally the following specific requirements apply:

1) Level A Bachelor degree (or an equivalent award at ISCED level 5A) in a field of science relevant to the selected programme in the technical design and engineering sciences, or in the life or social sciences with additionally acquired technical competences and which degrees relate to metropolitan, urban or environmental issues. In any case the programmes specified in the MADE Education and Examination regulation .

2) Statement of Accomplishment or Verified Certificate of the MOOC: Sustainable Urban Development: Discover Advanced Metropolitan Solutions developed and launched by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in 2016 is considered as pre-requisite knowledge before starting the master MADE.

Join the MOOC Sustainable Urban Development

Candidates that apply for this programme can send an email to, subject: “MADE + Sustainable Urban Development, Discover Advanced Metropolitan Solutions”, to obtain a code for a free certificate.

Extra requirements Data II course

When participating in the Data II course students will need a laptop that meets the following requirements.

Extensive system requirements for the software package we use:

  • Enough RAM (> 8 GB minimum);

  • Strong processor (minimal 4 cores, for example an Intel i7 qaudcore);

  • And above all a good strong graphics card with his *own* memory and 3D capability;

  • View the extensive system requirements for the software package we use. We advice to look at the ‘recommended’ requirements (instead of minimum).

Bachelor's degree falling short of requirements

A quality of the bachelor's degree falling short of the requirements mentioned can only result in admission at the discretion of the Admission Board, when there are sufficient compensating factors such as:

  • Thesis result;
  • Scores for the courses that are of particular relevance to the MSc programme applied for;
  • Indisputable upward trend of course grades;
  • A declaration of the educational institute of the applicant on a deviating GPA policy;
  • Achievements in postgraduate education;
  • Multiple studies;
  • Scores for WU/TUD courses (by exchange students or students taking a minor);
  • Reference letters;
  • Quality of the degree awarding institution.

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