Wageningen City of Life Sciences

My child plans to study in Wageningen

If your son or daughter plans to study in Wageningen, he or she will be choosing to live in a small, green city where people meet and get to know each other easily. Your child will also be choosing the best university in the Netherlands: Wageningen has held the top spot in the Guide to Higher Education for several years now. Wageningen is also highly regarded internationally.


Students can register for a programme via Studielink. Your son or daughter must register on time (before 15-01 for selection programmes and before 01-05 for other programmes) and request study financing in time. Many parents want to help their children, but the responsibility ultimately rests with the student.

Programmes at Wageningen University

Wageningen University uses the bachelor-master system. There are three-year Bachelor of Science programmes, followed by a two-year Master of Science programme. A maximum of 60 credits (ECTS) can be obtained each year. One credit is roughly the equivalent of 28 study hours.

Small-scale and personal

New students are quickly embraced by the community, especially if they participate in the introduction activities. Wageningen has several student associations and study associations. Many students like to show their parents where they live.

First-year drop-out rate at Wageningen University

Wageningen has a low drop-out rate. You can compare Wageningen's drop-out figures with those of other universities.

Student counselling

Students receive a lot of personal attention at Wageningen University. Each programme has its own study advisor who helps students structure their programmes. Students can schedule an appointment with their study advisor or the study advisor can make an appointment with the student. The study advisor never contacts the parents. Of course, you are welcome to attend a meeting if the student wants you too. For more information visit www.studiekeuzekind.nl and search for 'student counselling'.

Wageningen has excellent lecturers, modern buildings, good timetables, state-of-the-art research facilities and plenty of exam and resit options. Browse through the Guide to Higher Education to see how Wageningen compares to other universities.

Binding Study Advice

Wageningen has binding study advice. It's always unfortunate when students realise that the programme they chose doesn't suit them. Together with the study advisor, they can search for a suitable alternative. It's always better to realise this in the first year, because the consequences of dropping out are much greater in subsequent years.

Studying with a disability

We have excellent provisions for students with a disability. If your son or daughter has a disability, please have them contact the student deans as soon as possible.

Career opportunities

Wageningen graduates have excellent career opportunities.

Job types

Five years after graduation, 43% of students hold a research position at a university, a research institute or a company. More than a quarter of graduates hold a management position.

Students who graduated more than five years ago are involved in consultancy work, knowledge transfer, policymaking and management. Half of graduates hold a managerial position. More than 80% of recent graduates work in their own educational field. After five years, 56% work in their own discipline. Finding a job outside one's discipline is also possible. One year after graduation, 30% have a permanent position. This figure is 60% after five years. In addition, 13% of Wageningen graduates work abroad.