The Bioinformatics group focuses on fundamental and applied bioinformatics research in the green life sciences. We develop and apply novel computational methods for the analysis and integration of –omics data. We teach bioinformatics and data analysis to students at the bachelor, master and PhD levels.

Courses & Thesis Projects

The Bioinformatics Group offers several courses and thesis projects.

Courses Thesis projects


Vacancy for PhD student

The Bioinformatics Group is looking for a new PhD student to study meiotic control of recombination in crops. Details can be found here.

New paper on Phytophthora infestans systems biology

PhD student Sander Rodenburg published his first paper, on a genome-scale metabolic model of the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora infestans.

New course

On Sept 4, our novel course “Introduction to Bioinformatics” started. We are very happy to explore the field of bioinformatics with 48 students.

Genome of a resurrection plant

Harm Nijveen and Eef Jonkheer contributed to a new paper (lead by the WU Plant Physiology group) on plant dessication tolerance, based on the high-quality whole-genome sequence of the resurrection plant Xerophyta viscosa.

New minor Bioinformatics

Starting in the academic year 2016-2017, the Bioinformatics group will coordinate a new minor 'Bioinformatics', for BSc students throughout Wageningen University, as well as from other universities. More information will be available soon.


New group members

In August and September 2017 several new people joined our group: postdoc Justin van der Hooft, research assistant Ronald de Jongh, and PhD student Janani Durairaj. Welcome!

Succesful interships

In July and August several internship students completed their projects in the group: Clement Risso, Joseph Tessier, and Henri du Pon. Nice work!

MSc thesis Yosapol

Yosapol Harnvanichvech successfully defended his thesis, entitled “The evolutionary dynamics of secondary metabolite gene clusters in plant model species”, on July 14, 2017. Good work!

MSc thesis Diego

On May 18, 2017, Diego Montiel Gonzalez successfully defended his thesis project entitled: “Systematic exploration of the biosynthetic diversity of glycopeptide antibiotics”. Well done!

MSc thesis Ronald

Ronald de Jongh has finished his Bioinformatics thesis project “Convolutional neural networks for protein-protein interaction prediction” on May 30, 2017. Good job!

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