Are you interested in a postdoc position at WUR?

Wageningen University & Research offers young talented scientists a challenging environment to continue their scientific career after obtaining the PhD degree. As a postdoc, you will combine your own research project with other academic tasks (e.g. lecturing and student supervision).

Postdoc vacancies

The available postdoc positions and all other vacancies at WUR can be found on the Vacancies page:

What's it like, being a postdoc at Wageningen University?

Right and responsibilities

As postdoc at Wageningen University you will be covered by the collective agreements for universities. During your appointment you will make agreements about task and responsibilities with your supervisor who is also your first contact with respect to the postdoc research. Formal aspects and procedures related to the postdoc appointment are dealt with by the local Human Resources department. After you have been selected for a postdoc position you will receive information about all relevant rights and responsibilities related to the appointment from your local Human Resources consultant.

WUR offers young talented scientists a challenging environment to continue their scientific career.

Postdoc training

WUR supports you in further improving your academic skills, with e.g. developing your research vision, writing grant proposals, supervising PhD candidates, reviewing scientific publishing and making an impact. WU offers a postdoc career orientation track and a course to support you with writing a personal grant for the Veni programme of the Dutch Scientific Council (NWO). Enrolment at a WU graduate school allows you to join these activities for a reduced fee. Check a complete overview of the transferable skills training offered for postdocs. In addition, in depth and disciplinary specific training and activities are organised by the individual graduate schools.

Enrolment at a Graduate School

At Wageningen University, academic research and PhD and postdoc training are coordinated by six Graduate Schools that together join forces under the umbrella of Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS). WUR has six graduate schools which together cover the complete scientific domain of WUR:

Graduate schools offer postdocs the possibility to enrol. Enrolment will provide you with relevant information from your graduate school in monthly newsletters, confidential support and access to a variety of scientific meetings and postgraduate training activities for a reduced fee.

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