Education at The Cultural Geography Group

Cultural Geography Courses

The Cultural Geography (GEO) Group is contributing to different BSc and MSc programs at Wageningen University & Research. In particular, GEO provides compulsory and optional courses to the following Bachelor and Master programs:

These courses may also be interesting as an optional course to students from other curricula such as international development studies, communication sciences, environmental sciences, and others. Read more about our courses.

Thesis in Cultural Geography

This page provides information for students on issues related to major and minor thesis topics. The thesis is a compulsory element of your MSc study programme. The thesis is considered the culmination of your studies. A thesis ranges between 24 and 39 credits. Read more about our thesis.

» GEO thesis supervision

» procedure

» major or minor thesis?

» documents needed for thesis at GEO

Internship in Cultural Geography

An internship in Cultural Geography allows you to a) fully participate at an academic level in an organisation that is professionally engaged in leisure, tourism, regional development or planning issues, and b) reflect on the choices they make professionally. Read more about our internships

Minor Cultural Geography

The Cultural Geography is offering a BSc minor in "Tourism, Conservation and Development" (WUTCD). Read more about our Minors.

Students from different programmes are free to use courses of Cultural Geography for their free space, which could develop into a BSc minor cultural geography if four (BSc-level) or three (MSc level) GEO-courses have been chosen as a specialisation. For more information on a right composition for your programme, please refer to your study advisor.