Research of the Cultural Geography Group

Researchers with the Cultural Geography Group (GEO) engage with the spatially- and culturally-situated character of many of Wageningen University and Research’s core themes: environment, development, and well-being. Interdisciplinarity is appreciated, as GEO comprises scholars with backgrounds in human geography, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, social psychology, gender studies and science and technology studies. We are international in terms of staff, student body, research foci and publication record, with our empirical work taking us to East and Southern Africa; South America; Central, West and South-East Asia; Western and South-Eastern Europe and, of course, the Netherlands. 

GEO research spans three broad themes: i) Space, Place and Landscape; ii) Tourism, Society and Environment; and iii) the Politics of Life. Research clusters organised around these themes serve as platforms for us to exchange ideas and collaborate through regular research seminars and workshops, reading groups, short courses, excursions and other events. Together with the Wageningen chair groups Sociology of Development and Change (SDC) and Rural Sociology (RSO), GEO is a founding member of the Centre for Space, Place and Society (CSPS).

Space, Place and Landscape

Places and landscapes are the dynamic outcomes of human and non-human interaction. GEO research linked to this cluster engages in the study of politics, governance and the production of space and place (including, but not limited to, planning and design approaches). Their research interests include: democracy of planning and design, citizenship and participation, conflicts over place-making, natural resource management, and object-, subject- and identity formation.

Research projects linked to this theme include:

Tourism, Society and Environment

Tourism is not only a constitutive force in economic, cultural, social, political, technological and environmental processes but also an important lens through which to examine global concerns and transformations. GEO research linked to this cluster focuses on tourism’s relation to landscape, poverty, nature conservation, global environmental change, health(care), (sustainable) development, culture, food and agriculture, and critically engage with how tourism is executed.

Research projects linked to this theme include:

The Politics of Life

Life in its myriad forms – whether human or non-human and at any scale – is constantly being managed and disciplined, recognised and retooled, enabled and disabled. GEO research linked to this cluster engages with the politics of life from multiple critical theoretical perspectives and diverse empirical points of entry (e.g., migration and transnational mobility, debility and disability, health and social care, nature conservation, more-than-human/animal politics, etc.).

Research projects linked to this theme include: