Centre for Crop Systems Analysis

The Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA) contributes to the improvement and innovation of crop production at various levels of integration: from genotypes to cropping systems and agro-ecosystems.

CSA consists of two independent, yet connected, chair groups:


Chair Group Crop Physiology

With experimentation and modelling, we aim to understand the physiology of individual plants and crops while scaling up basic, physiological processes from sub-plant level to crop level in man-managed systems. 


Chair Group Crop and Weed Ecology

Our mission is to obtain fundamental insight in the ecological processes that drive the functioning of crop- and associated ecosystems in relation to the environments in which these systems are embedded.

Looking for a thesis project?

CSA offers exciting topics in the domains of crop production and agro-ecology. Our research questions are addressed using both state-of-the-art experimental designs as well as innovative modelling approaches. 

Thesis projects