Courses of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology

The Laboratory of Molecular Biology is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can do an internship or thesis at our department.

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information. For BSc and MSc thesis subjects visit the Research pages.

Below you can find an overview of the courses in which the laboratory of Molecular Biology is involved.

Course Overview 2018-2019

Gene technology MOB-20306

  • Teachers R Geurts, R Heidstra, H Franssen, J Verver, J Wellink
  • Period 1, afternoon (for MPB) + period 5, morning (for BBI) + period 6 (for BBT and BMW) 

Control of cellular processes and cell differentiation MOB-30306

  • Teachers V Willemsen, D Weijers, J Wellink
  • Period 1, afternoon.

Molbi ToolBox thesis MOB-31812

  • Teachers R Geurts, E Limpens
  • Period 2 + 6, whole day.

Bioinformation technology SSB-20306

  • Teachers P Schaap, J Vervoort, S de Vries, D Weijers, H Franssen, J. Wellink, M Medema
  • Period 1, morning and period 5, morning.

    Molecular aspects of Bio-interactions PHP-30806

    • Teachers B Thomma, R Geurts, R Kormelink a.o.
    • Period 2, afternoon.

      Mechanisms of development MOB-20803

      • Teachers B Scheres, S Kranenbarg
      • Period 3, afternoon.

      Fundamentals of genetics and molecular biology GEN-11806

      • Teachers S de Groot, F Debets, H Franssen, H van Eck a.o.
      • Period 2 + 3.

      Molecular development MOB-31303

      • Teachers E Limpens, R Geurts
      • Period 4, morning.

      Practical biological chemistry  BIC-10306

      • Teachers L Nitsch, E Limpens, R Heidstra, H Franssen, V Willemsen a.o.
      • Period 4, whole days, and 5, afternoon. 

      Cell physiology and genetics  BIC-20306

      • Teachers D Weijers, J Keurentjes, J Wellink,
      • Period 4, whole days.

      Regulation of plant development MOB-30806

      • Teachers H Franssen, T Ketelaar, S van der Krol
      • Period 5, morning. 

      Concepts and approaches in developmental biology EZO-22306

      • Teachers S Kranenbarg, R Geurts, R Heidstra a.o.
      • Period 5, morning.