Education of the Laboratory of Virology

The Laboratory of Virology is involved in several BSc and MSc educational programs of Wageningen University & Research, such as Plant Sciences, Biology, Biotechnology and Molecular Life Sciences. For students with a particular interest in Virology, two advanced Virology courses are provided. 

Visit the study handbook for the Course overview.

BSc and MSc courses coordinated by Virology, or in which Virology is being part of:

  • Introduction Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (BPE10806)
  • Biology and Management of Plant Pathogens, Insects and Weeds I (VIR20306)
  • Biology and Management of Plant Pathogens, Insects and Weeds II (ENT20306)
  • Plant Biotechnology (PBR20306)
  • Cell Biology and Health (CBI20306)
  • Basics of infectious diseases (NEM20806)
  • Fundamentals of Plant breeding, Plant Pathology and Entomology (PHP20806)
  • Plant Quality and IPM (ENT20806)
  • Infections and Disorders (ADP22303)
  • Ecological Aspects of Biointeractions (ENT30306) 
  • Molecular Virology (VIR30306)
  • Molecular Aspects of Bio-Interactions (PHP30806)
  • Immune Technology (CBI30806)
  • Fundamental and Applied Virology (VIR30806)
  • Dilemma's of Food safety and security (NEM32303)
  • Frontiers in Medical and Veterinary Biology (ENT51306)
  • Biological Control of Insects (ENT53806)
  • Bioprocess Design (PRE60312)

For several courses coordinated or entirely given by the virology chair, the internet edu-web platform is being used to support the course. Upon participation to these courses students may get an account and password to access these. Courses that use the edu-web are the following:

  • VIR 20306 Biology and Management of Plant Pathogens, Insects and Weeds I
  • VIR 30806 Fundamental and Applied Virology
  • VIR 30306 Molecular Virology