Master Thesis

The subjects for a MSc thesis are associated with the group's core research innovation themes;

·        Economic Performance
·        Risk management
·        Economics of Healthy Animals, Plants and Food
·        Sustainable Food Production

Students who would like to do their MSc thesis at BEC need to make an appointment for an intake with one of our thesis coordinators in our group. For MME, MAS and MOA students this will be prof. Alfons Oude Lansink, for MFS students this will be prof. Henk Hogeveen. Appointments can be made by contacting the secretary ( Note that students are only allowed to start a thesis when they have completed the required courses according to their Masters programme. The required courses are listed under Prerequisites.

Students are expected to prepare themselves for the intake meeting by making them familiar with the MSc thesis protocol and by exploring their research interests. At the intake meeting, the thesis coordinator will discuss – based on the indicated research interests of the student-  the possibilities of a thesis topic and will also assign one of the staff members of the group as thesis supervisor.

Once the student has made contact with the assigned supervisor, he/she will further demarcate the intended research subject. During the first meeting with the supervisor, students will obtain further information about the thesis trajectory and requirements.

If you want to read more about “how to perform a Master thesis at BEC” visit our “Business Economics – Thesis, Internship, Research practice” Brightspace. (Use the Discover tab in Brightspace to find us and to enroll yourself) . In case of general questions about doing a thesis in the field of Business Economics, you can always contact the education coordinator, dr. Monique Mourits.