The Rural Sociology Group teaches courses on topics linked to rurality, food provisioning and place-based development. Within these fields of research, we offer possibilities to do a bachelor, master thesis or internship. We teach in a number of different bachelor and master programmes.

Information for Bachelor students

Rural Sociology teaches in two bachelor programmes: Bachelor Internationale ontwikkelingsstudies (BIN) and Bachelor Gezondheid en Maatschappij (BGM). Most of the RSO courses are part of the BIN.

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If you study Bachelor Internationale Ontwikkelinststudies (BIN) or Bachelor Gezondheid en Maatschappij (BGM), you can choose to do your BSc thesis with RSO.

Information for Master students

RSO teaches in the following master programmes: Master International Development Studies (MID), Master Applied Communication Science (MCS), Master Organic Agriculture (MOA), Master Landscape Architecture and Planning (MLP) and Master Food Technology (MFT)

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If you study MID, MCS, MLP, MFT, or MOA, you can do your your MSc thesis with RSO. If you study something else, it is always possible to do your thesis partly at the Rural Sociology Group in collaboration with another group.

Information for PhD students

RSO host many PhD candidates from different backgrounds. RSO enjoys an outstanding international reputation. As a PhD candidate at RSO, you will be executing your research in one of the domains of RSO. If you are interested in doing a PhD at RSO, please first check the general information on the PhD programme of Wageningen University & Research.

There is a wide variety of PhD research going on at the Rural Sociology Group. Have a look at our list of current PhD research.

We regularly offer interesting PhD possibilities within (inter)national projects. You can always inquire about the possibilities (contact our research co-ordinator D. Roep) and keep an eye on our weblog.