History of Wageningen University & Research

Below you find the summary of the history of Wageningen University and Wageningen Research Foundation

1876 Wageningen University: The state takes over the local council's Agricultural College in Wageningen: the start of National Agricultural Education in The Netherlands
1877 DLO: Foundation of the first agricultural research station in Wageningen (predecessor to the current research institutes)
1888 DLO: The National Institute for Fisheries Studies is set up in IJmuiden (now part of IMARES)
1898 DLO: Establishment of the National Agriculture Testing Station in Maastricht, responsible for agricultural research in the south east of the Netherlands. In 1976 this became part of RIKILT
1899 DLO: Botanical gardens are established at Westland and Boskoop (now part of PPO). The government agricultural research station for seed inspection (part of current PRI) becomes a separate organisation
1903 DLO: Establishment of the National Dairy Station in Leiden, responsible for product monitoring, initially just butter, but later also cheese and other dairy products. In 1976 this became part of RIKILT
1904 Wageningen University: Wageningen education has been developed to a higher level and the institution is now called the National Higher College of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry
1918 Wageningen University: Wageningen's status as an institute of higher education is legally ratified, and it becomes the National Agricultural College on 9 March 1918
1919 DLO: A forestry research station is established (now part of Alterra)
1936 DLO: Establishment of the Institute for Research and Processing of Fruit and Vegetables in Wageningen (now part of Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group)
1938 DLO: Establishment of the DLO Research Institutes
1940 DLO: Establishment of Agricultural Economics Institute (LEI)
1951 DLO: Establishment of the International Agricultural Centre (IAC)
1956 DLO: Establishment of the International Agricultural Centre (IAC)
1968 Wageningen University: From now on the Agricultural College is subject to the same law that governs other universities: the academic Education Act
1971 DLO: Establishment of PHLO (now part of Wageningen Academy)
1976 DLO: Establishment of RIKILT, the National Quality Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Products. The result of a merger of the National Agriculture Testing Station in Maastricht and the National Dairy Station in Leiden
1986 Wageningen University: In accordance with amendmenst to the Academic Education Act, the Agricultural College is now called the Agricultural University
1997 Wageningen UR: The formation of Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) begins; the Agricultural university merges with the DLO Research Institutes and the Institutes for Applied Research
1998 Wageningen UR: Official launch of Wageningen UR, following a staff merger. The Agricultural University officially becomes Wageningen University
2000 Wageningen UR: Alterra and PRI are established within Wageningen UR
2001 Wageningen UR: PPO, IAC, PV, ILRI and ISRIC become a part of Wageningen UR
2002 Wageningen UR: CIDC-Lelystad is established
2003 Wageningen UR: PHLO merges with Wageningen Business School
2004 Wageningen UR: Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences becomes part of Wageningen UR
2005 Wageningen UR: IAC, the North-South Centre and the 'Eurpadesk' merge to become Wageningen International
2006 Wageningen UR: RIVO, in cooperation with parts of Alterra and the Department of Ecological Risks of TNO, establishes Wageningen IMARESormt, samen met Alterra en Ecologische Risico's van TNO, Wageningen IMARES
2008 Wageningen UR: CIDC-Lelystad and the Infectious Animal Sciences Group join together to form the Central Veterenary Institute
2010 Wageningen UR: NIOO establishes itself at the Wageningen Campus
2010 Wageningen UR: New construction of RIKILT, arrival of Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) labs
2011 Wageningen UR: Opening of AlgaeParc
2012 Wageningen UR: Wageningen University has the highest number of students in its history, and growth continues
2012 Wageningen UR: Zodiac comes to the Campus
2012 Wageningen UR: Opening of Impulse
2013 Wageningen UR: Opening of Orion
2013 Wageningen UR: Stoas establishes itself at the Wageningen Campus
2013 Wageningen UR: FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre establishes itself at the Wageningen Campus
2016 Wageningen University and research institutes continues as one brand: "Wageningen University & Research".
2019 Origin of Wageningen Food Safety Research: a merger of RIKILT and the Laboratory for Feed and Food Safety of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.